Cry of the Water
Seafan Project

In 1996, Dan Clark was the first to report lesions and browning on the sea fans in the Fort Lauderdale area to Broward County staff.  County staff having no local knowledge of the problem could not help in identifying this new disease.  Many sea fans on our monitoring sites began to have bright purple patches that would then rot away the webbing of the fan.

Searching for an answer to the sea fan destruction on several favorite reefs we contacted Dr. Drew Harvell of Cornell University and Dr. Kiho Kim of the University of Buffalo, who are studying the sea fans. 

Dr. Harvell and Dr. Kim discovered that the terrestrial based fungus called Aspergillus was attacking the sea fans in other locations.

Through photographs and video, Cry of the Water documented the disease in Broward and tagged and monitored  sea fans throughout Broward County for Dr. Harvell's program.

Unfortunately the disease killed many of the sea fans in Broward County including all of our tagged samples.

Aspergillousis appears on the Sea Fan as dark colorful spots

Sick sea fans are eaten away by the disease

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