Cry of the Water
Dredge and Fill

What is Dredge and Fill

Offshore sand between the reefs is removed using large dredging ships.  These ships create a large amount of sediment while digging the Borrow Pit.   The poor quality sand from these pits is not durable and break down to fine particles in the fill process  and in the dynamic surf zone. 

Many Southeast Florida beaches have been filled "nourished"  by depositing millions of cubic yards of poor quality sand.  It is known at the time of sand placement that the sand will not stay on the beach but will move offshore burying nearshore reefs, decreasing sea turtle foraging areas and impacting fisheries. 

Reef Burial in Broward County

The Broward County Segment III Project has the largest recorded burial of reef in the county's history.  A 18-month monitoring report estimated over 60 acres of corals were buried.  Although the project has been completed since 2006 the effects of the sand placement is continuing to bury and smother resources in the area.

Chronic silt, sediment and turbidity from re-suspended material effects the reefs adjacent to the filled area for years after the completion of the project.  Hundreds of acres of reef have been buried and destroyed by beach projects along the Southeast coast of Florida.  Most of which has gone unreported. 

Dredged Sand being placed on beach

Bural of endangered Staghorn Coral

Damage from Sand Transfer Pipe

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