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blue frontier: Dispactches from America's Ocean Wilderness

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David Helvarg chronicle of American's coastal  and marine environments and the challenges they face today.  He profiles the growing efforts by citizens to restore and protect the health of our oceans in the face of inappropriate development, wetlands loss, climate change and other threats. Cry of the Water is honored to have our work mentioned in this esential reading for anyone concerned about saving America's oceans.

Dan Rather Reports:
What's Killing the Coral

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Dan Rather takes you
from  diving  in  the
Florida  Key's  with
Dr. Brian  Lapointe
to the sewer outfall pipes
off  Hollywood  Beach,
Florida to the U.S. Coral
Reef Task Force meeting
in Washington D.C. where
Dan Clark of Cry of the
Water  gives  public
comment  on  protection
of Southeast Florida reefs.

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